Frequently Asked Questions


Is FlyPunch! non-toxic?

Yes! FlyPunch! is a non-toxic formula made of natural ingredients that’s safe near food, people and pets. FlyPunch! qualifies as a FIFRA 25(b) product under the EPA which means it is deemed ‘minimal risk’ and bypasses EPA registration as a result. However, we went ahead and registered FlyPunch! in every U.S. state anyway!

How does FlyPunch! work?

FlyPunch utilizes a 3-step process that (1.) Attracts, (2.) Disables, and, (3.) Kills Fruit Flies.

Fruit flies can’t resist the intoxicating mix of FlyPunch! and will leave whatever they are currently munching on to come over to our formula. As soon as fruit flies touch our formula, a disabling agent kicks in. Lastly, the formula breaks down the exoskeleton of the fruit fly and pulls it down to the bottom of the jar. Gross, we know, but oh so glorious!

What’s the difference between FlyPunch! and homemade vinegar traps or other DIY solutions?

Everyone has their own DIY concoction. They’re fun, right?!? Which is why we make every new employee at Aunt Fannie’s test their own ‘proprietary mix’ against our industrial grade formula. Without fail, FlyPunch! outperforms EVERY home remedy we’ve ever encountered. Our formula is university tested and commercial grade. You might notice that FlyPunch! does contain vinegar, but it is a specialty industrial vinegar custom made for Aunt Fannie’s. And, believe it or not, is the least important ingredient in our magical formula! None of the ingredients in FlyPunch! are available at the grocery store, which is why our product will significantly outperform home remedies every time.

Has the efficacy of FlyPunch! been lab tested?

Clemson University conducted a research and development study of FlyPunch!. Clemson University’s lab results revealed FlyPunch! is 24 times more effective than DIY vinegar traps and 544% more effective than comparable non-toxic products on the market.

What does a fruit fly look like?

Fruit flies can be identified by their red or black eyes and brown bodies. FlyPunch! sometimes catches other fly types that can be mistaken as fruit flies, but those are…bonus points!


Where should I place my DiveJar?

Place or mount FlyPunch! where fruit flies are most prevalent. For home, it’s typically on a kitchen counter, near the fruit bowl, or near a sink. For commercial use, it can be near sinks, trashcans, liquor storage, dining rooms, near food prep and beyond – both in the front and back of the establishment.

Fruit flies are attracted quicker to the solution when less activity surrounds the DiveJars (fans, AC/heat, kitchen activity, etc.), so place your DiveJar out of the direct line of ovens, fans, and excessive traffic/activity.

NOTE: If you have flies near a drain, please double check to ensure they are really fruit flies and not drain flies.

When I opened my FlyPunch!, there was the smell of vinegar. Will it go away?

When you first open your DiveJar, you’ll notice a faint vinegar/fruity odor. That odor will neutralize in 24-48 hours. Although humans will no longer smell FlyPunch! our industrial-grade attractants in take over and continue to attract fruit flies for weeks.

How many square feet does one jar of FlyPunch reach?

Each DiveJar is most effective in approximately 500 square feet.

How long does FlyPunch last?

Once opened, FlyPunch! is most potent for 2 weeks. Due to evaporation over time, the pH balance of our formula will change. At home, FlyPunch! lasts about 30 days, but in a commercial environment where there is more distraction for fruit flies, we recommend replacing your DiveJars every 2 weeks. There is no expiration date for unopened DiveJars of FlyPunch!

How do I dispose of used FlyPunch?

Call your local disposal agency, and dispose of it according to local regulations. The FlyPunch! bottle and mountable clips are 100% recyclable.

I ordered a mountable wall clip. How do I correctly install it?

  1. CLEAN surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently, let dry. Do not use household or commercial cleaner (residue may lower effectiveness).
  2. REMOVE adhesive backing.
  3. PRESS ADHESIVE FIRMLY for 30 seconds.
  4. WAIT for at least 6 hours before use (adhesive needs to cure).

*Failure to follow instructions carefully may cause damage!


Why clean with vinegar?

Vinegar is a well known natural alternative to conventional cleaners. Throughout history, it kept people alive by preserving food and killing bacteria. Vinegar also doubles as a food, so it’s the only cleaner that is entirely safe to consume! Vinegar kills 99.9% of the bacteria that cause foodborne illness – salmonella, E.coli and Listeria. Read more on that here.

Is our cleaning vinegar non-toxic?

Yes, our vinegars are entirely non-toxic! In fact, all ingredients in our cleaning vinegars are food grade, meaning you can clean your countertops AND your veggies!

How do I use cleaning vinegar?

Spray Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars liberally and directly on surfaces in your kitchen, on floors, countertops and windows (vinegar cleans just about anything!). Wipe with a cloth, mop or sponge.

Are there any surfaces I should think about avoiding with vinegar?
  • Granite and marble countertops can be ‘scratched’ by the naturally occurring acid in vinegar.
  • Just like countertops, natural stone floors don’t always take kindly to acidic cleaners, like vinegar and lemon. Avoid ammonia, too, and stick to cleaning with special stone soap, or dish detergent and water.
  • If you drop an egg on the floor, don’t reach for the vinegar to help clean up. Just like when you poach an egg, the acidity can cause it to coagulate, making the egg more difficult to remove.
How long do Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars stay fresh?

Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars are shelf stable for up to 5 years.


I’ve just placed my order online. When will it ship?

Orders placed after 11am EST Monday-Friday will ship the following business day. All orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we ship to Canada via FedEx International Economy. For other countries, email for more information.

Is there a retail location near me that sells Aunt Fannie’s?

Check out our Find a Retailer page here.

What’s your return policy?

Aunt Fannie’s stands by our product. If for some reason, as a customer you feel there is a problem with our product, Aunt Fannie’s will seek to troubleshoot the issue with you. Similarly, we offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, ship your entire order of FlyPunch! (used or unused) back to us and we’ll provide a full product refund.

Still have questions?

Email us at for any other questions about Aunt Fannie’s!