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Fruit Flies Under Control at Judi’s Lounge!

Aunt Fannie Reviews & Testimonials

Just wanted to let everyone there know how excited I am to have found your product. I just received my second shipment and just in time! The little critters were peeking their noses out again. The “good until” dates on the bottle helped me keep on top of when it was time to change them out for new ones.

I have to admit I was skeptical the first time I ordered them, but this fruit fly season was so much better than previous years with Aunt Fannie’s! The thing we noticed most was that the fruit flies weren’t all over everything that is white behind the bar like straws, napkins and signs.

We received our new shipment promptly and got started with the replacement bottles right away. Thanks again for helping us get our fruit fly situation under control!

Judi Justiana
Judi’s Lounge Bar & Grill
Niagara Falls, NY