A letter from Aunt Fannie’s founder, Mat Franken

As my son reached toddlerhood, it became all too clear he was sick. He had stomach problems, eczema, asthma, and mood swings which were uncharacteristic of his sweet nature. After persistent doctor visits and constant worry, we discovered he had extremely severe, life threatening allergies. We spent the next few years overhauling our home menu as well as the chemicals used in our home, and while my son improved some, it wasn’t enough to simply accept.

It wasn’t until we began using cleaning and pest solutions made with whole, food-based ingredients that the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. These were the days in which Aunt Fannie’s was born.

Aunt Fannie’s uses ‘whole’ ingredients. Unlike plant-based or plant-derived ingredients, whole ingredients aren’t ‘broken’. With plant based ingredients, chemists take the plant molecule, ‘break’ it, then add or subtract whatever they like, creating a synthesized chemical unknown evolutionarily to the human body.

Whole ingredients, on the other hand, come as nature intended and are evolutionarily adapted to our bodies (think ancient grains or fermented foods). By using 95%+ whole ingredients in Aunt Fannie’s formulations, our solutions are regarded as the healthier option for our families. And guess what? When ingredients are ‘whole’, they are oftentimes recognized by our body as food.

We incidentally eat, inhale, and also absorb these products through our skin. While plant-based solutions are good for the environment, are they best for our bodies? Which begs another question; if proper food can nourish our bodies, why can’t it also nourish our homes?

We’ve been so fortunate to receive support from the food and cleaning industry’s foremost thinkers, but we need you to share in our Healthier Housekeeping mission too. Please join me in the next evolutionary step in cleaning and pest. We all have a lot of work to do…together.

Mat Franken, Aunt Fannie’s Founder & CEO


Monica Nassif

Founder, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day & Caldrea

Dave Charne

Interim COO/CFO, Talbot's

Mark Haas

Former Director of Operations, Annie's

Jeff Klineman

Editor-in-Chief, BEVNET

Barclay Hope

Former President, Albert's Organics

Richard Harvey

Former President, Williams-Sonoma

Alissa Sears

Co-Founder, adVentures Academy

Jeff Grogg

Former Chief of R&D, Kashi

Dave Andron

Television & Film Producer

Ric Alvarez

Former Member of the Board, Bush Beans

Kay Hong

Interim CEO, Harry & David

JJ Cantrell

VP of Sales, UNFI


Years ago, cleaning and pest solutions were homegrown and made with hand-picked ingredients. Just like the folks that fashioned them, these solutions were hardworking, no-nonsense and filled with tried-and-true ingenuity.

Aunt Fannie’s cleaning and pest products are made with food-based ingredients, hearkening back to the pre-chemical wisdom of generations past. Our solutions guarantee a superior, industrial-grade cleaning and pest experience, all while helping you keep a fresh and healthy home or establishment.


Mat Franken

We’ve done the math and Mat eats about 12 cows worth of hamburgers a year. We have a feeling he’d have done well on the Oregon Trail. Pair that meat habit with the fact that his favorite veggie is the potato and you can make the assumption he’s from the Midwest (but you’d be wrong, he’s from Florida).

Anthony Goodin
Chief Operating Officer

You may recognize Anthony as the face of the 2010 “Cruisin’ SC” Bojangles campaign but in case you missed it, you can watch it here. We know – try not to wince. (Kidding, Anthony!) His days of eating fried chicken on cue are over and he’s moved on to eating in the privacy of his own home.

Tom Wittenberg
VP of Sales

Tom is a man who relishes the experience. His favorite vegetable is the artichoke, because you have to peel away each leaf to get to the good stuff. Formerly with Mrs. Meyers, and now with Aunt Fannie’s, it’s safe to say the ‘ladies’ love Tom.

Joe Crowther
Manager of Data & Finance

Peaches are Joe’s favorite fruit. You wouldn’t be surprised to hear this if you knew he once spent 9 months on the road following the band Phish. Joe continues to tour but it’s now locally by bike in the Portland area, with his 2 adorable daughters in tow.

Chancy Martin
Customer Experience Manager

Chancy comes to work with a relatively sunny disposition. Just don’t let her get hangry. She can’t help it, it’s science. But as long as there’s a snack nearby, she maintains a positive attitude. She lives for the summers, as it equates to an endless banquet of tomato sandwiches.

Jessie Buckley
Sales Support Specialist

While innately an introvert, Jessie quickly warms up to the conversation if the topic is poop. Ok, more like ‘gut health’, but poop is funnier. With an education in nutrition, she finds a great deal of joy in the delicate bodily ecosystems. That could explain why her favorite fruit is the fibrous blackberry.